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RESOLUTION NO.7' y.y <br />A RESOLUTION REQUESTING THE COOK COUNTY PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF <br />COMMISSIONERS TO WIDEN NERGE ROAD BETWEEN ROHLWING ROAD AND PLUM <br />GROVE ROAD <br />WHEREAS, through your outstanding cooperation with the Village of Elk Grove <br />Village and your demonstrated awareness of the need for improvements to the <br />intersections of Nerge Road at Rohlwing Road and at Meacham Road and Nerge Road, and <br />WHEREAS, data already assembled by your traffic engineers and highway officials <br />undoubtedly establishes the rationale for futher improvements to Nerge Road between <br />Rohlwing Road and at least Plum Grove Road, and <br />WHEREAS, Nerge Road between Rohlwing Road and Plum Grove Road, and ultimately <br />Roselle Road, is the only east -west traffic artery between Higgins Road and Irving <br />Park Road, a distance of 4.4 miles, and <br />WHEREAS,almost daily the volume of traffic using Nerge Road increases signi- <br />ficantly, and <br />WHEREAS, the alignment and grade differentials between Plum Grove Road and <br />Rohlwing Road are a hazard to the motoring public using Nerge Road, and <br />WHEREAS, optimum benefit from your current construction program at Meacham <br />and Rohlwing Roads could be achieved by widening Nerge Road to four lanes between <br />those points and westward to Plum Grove Road, and <br />WHEREAS, under the current inadequate width of Nerge Road, traffic is backed <br />up for almost a mile during the morning and evening rush hour periods, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the President and Board of Trustees of <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village do hereby respectfully request the Cook County <br />Highway Department, through the offices of Cook County President and Board or <br />Commissioners, to proceed to widen Nerge Road to a 4 -lane facility with mountable <br />median strip and curb and gutter between Rohlwing Road and Plum Grove Road as a <br />minimum distance, and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the President and Board of Trustees, through its <br />corporate power, pursuant to statutes of the State of Illinois and its control over <br />subdivision development, have already secured a 100 foot dedicated right-of-way <br />for most of the distance between Rohlwing Road and Meacham Road, and <br />