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•v..Y- •:�K--^t�tK.�i)O+t�t>G�+lC�ix—�17r—'t.'G�IfC—�lx�1Y--��C--'—e�ha–.+•.r <br /> ')7 12 <br /> -.. _ .�L ,.M 3V- T=t. 4 ?Z:-:S:a,S, :iu- LAC 1, .., W 1 G4 47_,AL CJ `;ii?9C"iJ.1 GO., <br /> a :jo s t est ❑ ,gay, Park 21 . q, Illinoi , as 2rincinal, and THE <br /> ,. lu T , r. AAC ..TANY, a co. pnrndoa o ranivra ; , existing under <br /> o I rj Phs Mt-- K -low York, v3d authorized to transact the, a ,. ._less <br /> (> o in n1l Ktn7en, is y, art held ayed firmly bound unto tie <br /> rIr MM VILLAGE, as Qhliyan, io the - 1 sun o - 1 ?I A 'M' ''? <br /> .". V. 171 f )j!A Q 1.1) no/100-----------($123,030.00)- - tIMS, <br /> o- LAc , Zt at ca we horaby Kid our ,zlvps, our hairs, administrators, <br /> - , jac—n ;ors as& assign,, ,.iaLly .and savcrally, _ ire. ly by t. _r.e <br /> ..' Msiaz5. <br /> scaled and dated this 30th day of April, 1-975. <br /> m <br /> !MMM, 0Principal has prencMM to the Obligee a Plat of Subdivision, to <br /> W 'k7owu is Frisbie Suboivisioq, located no that p.:rt of the West half of the <br /> I .:or .'cs _ i.ta_ ter oE Section 75, Toenahip AL North, Range 11 Last of the third <br /> Cl'-ii is ! � 'frrdinn, 'n Cook County, 11lia iad has requested that the Obligee <br /> Apr -. d Plat o F Lu^ Ii :" s_o i mei " n ,ins F i n.- Drawings as prepared by El': <br /> ove Engineering Company, dated 1/2/75 with r__aal revision dated 5/8/75 on <br /> ornject- ;'rll and <br /> WFAHAS, the Obligee has required that the Principal shall, prior to the <br /> acceptance and approval of said Plat of Subdivision and Engineering Drawings, <br /> furnished bund in the aforementioned sum to insure and guarantee that said I't11i <br /> Principal shall complete construction of all items including installation of <br /> paving, curbs, sidewalk, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water mains and street <br /> lighting as required by the Obligee in conjunction with the issuance of a <br /> permit for the said Frisbie Subdivision and in accordance with its aforemen- <br /> domed Engineering Drawings. �) <br /> IJS�IJ <br /> 00' , TEIEMPORE, the condition of this obligation is such that if the Principal <br /> shall install add complete the aforementioned items within the period of time <br /> allowed and shall save the Obligee harmless from any loss, cost or damage by <br /> reason of its failure to complete said items, then this obligation shall be <br /> void; otherwise to remain in full force and effect. <br /> 7 AIC LENNAN GENERAL CONSTRUCTION CIO. <br /> THE ICONTINENTAL INSCRANCE C'OMANY k <br /> ROBERT J. ATM0 NEY <br /> in <br /> aa3a.e�vo <br />