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DEED OF CONVEYANCE <br /> AND <br /> BILL—F SALE <br /> (Carl Street) <br /> THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH: THAT LA SALLE NATIONAL BANK, <br /> a national banking association, not personally, but as Trustee <br /> under the provisions of a Trust Agreement dated March 14 , 1909 <br /> and known as Trust No. 39270 (hereinafter sometimes referred to <br /> as the "Trustee") , for and in- consideration of the sum of Ten <br /> Dollars ($10. 00) and other good and valuable consideration in <br /> hand paid, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby ac- <br /> knowledged, does hereby grant , bargain, sell , transfer, set <br /> over, assign, convey and deliver unto THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE <br /> VILLAGE, Cook and DuPage Counties , Illinois , a municipal corpora- <br /> tion (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Village") , the <br /> following: <br /> Water, Sanitary sewer and storm mains and drains <br /> '^ and equipment as listed and located on engineering <br /> plans prepared by Elk Grove Engineering Company <br /> identified as Plan Number 6174-5 , Sheets 1 through <br /> 4 , dated September 22 , 1975 , otherwise described <br /> in Elk Grove Industrial Park, Unit 9, which plans <br /> are incorporated by reference and made a part <br /> hereof and any additions thereto and improvements <br /> thereon and easements for construction, reconstruc- <br /> tion and maintenance as are necessary to operate <br /> and maintain the aforesaid mains , drains and <br /> equipment. <br /> TO HAVE TO HOLD all of the property hereby granted, bar- <br /> gained, sold , transferred , set over, assigned , conveyed and de- <br /> livered unto the Village , its successors and assigns , to and for <br /> itw own use forCVCr . <br />