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Section 3. That .it SuntheA be resolved .that .the AtUngton <br /> Heights Fedmat Savings and Loan Association .is he) eby <br /> authorized to supply any e.ndonsement bon ,the V.i.Uage o6 Elk <br /> Grove Vittage on any check on other instrument ,tendered bon. <br /> this account and .is hereby relieved o6 any tiabiti ty .in <br /> connection with coP.eection o6 said -items which ane handled <br /> by .it without negEtigence and .it shall not be 2iabCe Son. the <br /> acth o6 .itis agents, sub-agents, on otheAz on bon, any <br /> cab uat ty. <br /> Section 4. That th%6 Resolution shah be .in SuU Soace and <br /> exsect Srom and a6teA. .it6 paasage and approval according to <br /> law. <br /> PASSED thiZ 23rd day os December 1975. <br /> APPROVED thi.6 23rd day o6 December 1975. <br /> f' <br /> V' e n .ident <br /> ATTEST: <br /> z.Z. <br /> Vittag VCteAk <br />