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AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREPUNT is made this 19th day of <br /> February 1 1974 , between the Village of Elk <br /> Grove Village , Illinois , a municipal corporation <br /> (herein referred to as the "Village") and Alexian <br /> Brothers Medical Center, Inc. , a Texas non-profit <br /> corporation (herein referred to as the "Medical <br /> Center") . <br /> PURPOSE <br /> SINCE the Village desires to provide its <br /> emergency medical technicians and its mobile inten- <br /> sive care personnel (herein collectively referred to <br /> as "ambulance personnel") with an opportunity to im- <br /> prove or refresh their emergency and mobile intensive <br /> care skills on an on-going basis ; and <br /> SINCE the Medical Center is willing to pro- <br /> vide such training to the ' s ambulance personnel <br /> through a Program of active participation in rendering <br /> care in the Medical Center ' s emergency room under the <br /> direct supervision of nurses and physicians in the <br /> emergency room. <br />