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l� <br />ii <br />;3. <br />' FP <br />This notification will contain (1 ) the nature and purpose <br />of the hearing, (2 ) the common address and location of the <br />property in question, (3 ) the approximate area size of the <br />subject property, (4 ) the time and place of the hearing, <br />(5 ) the name and address of the petitioner and owner, if <br />not the petitioner, of the property, and (6) the address <br />where information may be obtained concerning the petition. <br />B. The petitioner will: . <br />1.) Post at each street frontage of the subject property, <br />a wooden or metal placard (s) or sign (s) four (4) feet by <br />eight (8) feet in size with letters of sufficient size as <br />to be clearly legible to the public view on the nearest <br />public way, for at least ten (10) consecutive days prior <br />to the public hearing. The sign (s) or placard (s) shall <br />include the following information: <br />1, The nature and purpose of the hearing. <br />2. The common address or location of the property in <br />question. <br />3. The approximate area size of the subject property. <br />4. The time and place of the hearing. <br />2.) Remove the placard (s) or sign (s) within five day's after <br />the public hearing is terminated. <br />Section 2: That established notification Procedures for public hearings <br />shall apply but not be limited to: <br />A. Annexation of property(when requested zoning is different <br />than indicated on official map of Elk Grove) <br />B. Pre -Annexation Agreements <br />( 2 ) <br />