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THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS <br /> AIA Document 8 141 <br /> Standard Form of Agreement Between <br /> Owner and Architect <br /> 7HIS DOCUNIENI HAS INIPORIAN7 LEGAL CONSEQUE&'CTS; CONSUITATION WITH <br /> ANA7TORNEYISENCOURAGED W17H RE5P1CTT0 17S(OMPHTIONORA40DIFICATION <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> made this ***Eighth**- day of *-*JULY*** in the year of Nineteen <br /> Hundred and Seventy-Fonr <br /> BETWEEN the Owner: ***VILLAGE oF ELK GROVE VILI.AGE , ILLINOIS*"- <br /> and the Architect: *—*OTIS ASSOCIATES , Inc.--** <br /> 899 Skokie Boulevard <br /> Northbrook, Illinois. 60062 <br /> For the following Project: <br /> (Inclmle detailed desci,ption of Project location and scope) <br /> New three (3) bay fire station, Meachara Road near Biesterfield Road, <br /> Elk Grove Village, Illinois. <br /> The Owner and the Architect agree as set forth below. <br /> AIA DOCUMENI 9141 - OWNER NK(IML( i A(.KHMLN1 - lA*,UAiN 1�1"4 [t)�fj()N <br /> it][ AMIKICAN iNSIM111 OF AR( H111( [S, 173S NM )09K �%f., NAV., �NANIIINCION, 1). C. �(W6 <br />