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Sales lax Redistribution Position Paper <br /> to be 'Presented to a Joint Meeting of the <br /> Runi ci pa I and Count i es Probl ems Co-'mi ss ions , <br /> August 20 , 1974 , at Pheas ant Run <br /> Thank you for this ' opportunity to appear before your <br /> Commissions and your forcsight in conducting this meeting <br /> on such an important fiscal subject . <br /> The Village of Elk Grove Village is unalterably <br /> opposed to legislation which would provide for -an areawide <br /> distribution' of sales tax receipts collected in Regional <br /> Shopping Centers . Alternate methods - of providing for such <br /> revenue distribution have been introduced in the Illinois <br /> General Assembly in recent sessions . <br /> Our opposition to such legislation is based on the <br /> following rationale : <br /> 1 . This practice would di scriminate against <br /> those municipalities which through <br /> extensive efforts have attracted -regional <br /> shopping centers to develop within their <br /> corporate limits ; <br /> 2 . Full return to the municipality of sales <br /> tax receipts is imperative if the community <br /> is to adequately provi,de much needed services <br /> to these regional developments . <br /> 3 . A certain degree of com,,2tition among munici - <br /> palities - for regional commercial outlets and <br /> the revenue produced from them is essential <br /> if such future developments are to be viable <br /> establishments <br /> 4. With adoption of this type legislation , there <br /> will be no regional shopping centers as we <br /> know them today. <br /> 5. Those municipalities which have sustained <br />