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RES01,UTIO:, I,•0. 107-73 <br />RESOLUTION OF APPROVAL GP PL4T CP I=NTIFI;]D AS H I GG I NS <br />INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT N0. 124 <br />P10,+', 'TIQETORE, BE IT R. SOL ND by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Ell Grove Village, Counties of Cook and Du.age, State of Illinois: <br />Section 1, That is hereby ;igen the final ;!at of subdivision <br />identified as Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 124 <br />being a. subdivision in Scctinn(s) 27 Toanshi.n 41 <br />?forth, Range 11, East of the Third Princilal Meridian in Cook <br />County, Illinois, e copy of vhieh is attached_ hereto and made a <br />part hereof as if fully Set forth. , <br />Scation 2. That the VillaGe Resident and Village Clerk are hereby <br />authorized to sign said plat for and in the nr�--ne of the Village <br />and attach thereto the corporate seal. <br />Section 3. That this resolution shill be in full force and effect fron <br />and after its passaCe and aplroval according to lar,. <br />PASST0 this 11th day of September , 1973, <br />APPROIED this I 1 th aa;, ofSe� , 1973. <br />f <br />lresiyen:: <br />Attcst: <br />-' <br />V�iila"e cloy"i <br />