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STATE OF ILLINOIS <br />DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION <br />WGNORNE BOND 'SECRETARY <br />OFFICE OF <br />REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION ENGINEER <br />300 NORTH STATE STREET <br />CHICAGO. ILLINOIS 60610 <br />]93-2284 <br />F.A. Route 1u2 (Illinois Route 83) <br />Section (540-1) R&T <br />Roadway Improvement <br />From Woodlana avenue to <br />Devon avenue <br />DuPage County October 12, 1973 <br />Mr. Charles Zettek <br />President of Elk. Grove Village <br />901 Wellington Avenue <br />Elk Grove, Illinois 60007 <br />Dear Mr. Zettek: <br />This letter is to serve as a letter of understanding, in order <br />that we might have a written record of our mutual understanding as to <br />the scope of this improvement. If you are in agreement, please affix <br />your signature on this letter in the place provided and return the <br />original to this office. The carbon copy is for your files. <br />This improvement will consist of reconstructing approximately <br />18,480 (3.5 miles) lineal feet of Illinois Route 83 (F.A. Route 102, <br />Section (540-1) R&T, between Woodland Avenue, on the south (northern <br />limits of F.A.I. Route )0 interchange complex), and Devon Avenue <br />intersection on the north, wicianing the roadbed from its present typical <br />pavement width of 22 feet, to a width of ;4 feet, and variable edge to <br />edge of pavement (providing for six (6) twelve -foot traffic lanes, a <br />22 -foot wide and variable barrier median and combination concrete curb <br />