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FIRST AREJNTGTOi:� 1 ATION-A.L BANK <br />DOWNTOWN PLAZA . APLINGTON NEIGNTS. ILLINOIS . 60006 . 312.259nOOO <br />November 26, 1973 <br />Village of Elk Crova Village <br />901 Wellin;;ton Avenue <br />Elk Grove Villagc, IL 60007 <br />R E C-iV103 <br />VRLAi E Ci ;CL <br />Re: Mayfair Industrial Park <br />Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 <br />3rd Lift: $20,000.00 <br />Dear Sirs: <br />This is an irrevocable letter of credit in accordance with your letter <br />dated October 30, 1973. <br />At the request of Mr. Gerald De Bruyne and/or De Bruyne Construction Company <br />cm <br />and in accordance with all applicable banking lags and regulations, we .j <br />authorize you to drama on First Arlington :rational up to as aggregate 1 <br />amount of Twenty lhous=J Dollars ($20,003.00 a^ailaole by your drafts at ie} <br />sight accompanied by your stateront, and/or demand as insured, that Gerald <br />De Bruyne and/or De Bruyne Construction Company have failed to complete ;pork <br />or underta%ings connected with the improvements of "ayfair Industrial Park �y <br />on behalf of the Village of i'lk Grove Village, which is or has been the <br />obligation of the De Bruyne Construction Company covering: - {� <br />the construction of a one inch thick asphalt course on the existing <br />streets in the Ynyfair Industrial park. The construction of the asphalt <br />layer will be constructed at such tire as seventy-five (751) percent 7 <br />cs c <br />of the fronta-;z bordering s:ices: -.greets has beer. irpreved with t <br />buildirc or fire s from date street construction whichever <br />, year. , <br />event shell occur first. The construction shall not be started until <br />all base failures are corr.0 eu. <br />Ti <br />We engage with you that all crafts dr2,..,n under end in corpli nee with the <br />Lerms of this tetter of crojit will be c.11y honorer on delivery of docu-.eots : <br />c, ti <br />as specified if negotQted on or before October 31, 1979. We confirm the � �! <br />letter of. Credit and thereby un'arLnke that all drafts drawn and negotiated S• <br />as above specified will be duly honored by us. <br />t <br />i. <br />U <br />�2 <br />i <br />nnu:_crc:1 <br />t:nl.x <br />wu+nln r. nrn.r c:-, srt .w,un.wt• cou.on .now �, _� . <br />The original of this Letter of Credit is in the Safety GepoSit Box at the Bank of Elk G. <br />