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K <br />ANNEXATION AGREEMENT <br />This agreement entered into thisa?��day <br />of December, 1973 by and between Pullman Bank and <br />Trust Company as Trustee under Trust No. 71-80971, <br />dated May 21, 1971, hereinafter called "owner", Slough <br />Parks Incorporated, a Delaware Corporation qualified <br />to do business in Illinois, hereinafter called "Devel- <br />oper" and the Village of Elk Grove Village, an Illinois <br />Municipal Corporation located in Cook County, Illinois, <br />hereinafter called "Village." <br />W I T N F. S S E T H: <br />WHEREAS, Owner is the owner of record of <br />real property which is the subject of this Annexation <br />Agreement and v: -hick is shoen on the Annexation Plat <br />herein submitted to the Village, labelled "Exhibit A" <br />which is attached hereto and made a part hereof by <br />this reference; which property is located in the unin- <br />corporated portion of Cook County, Illinois, contiguous <br />to Elk Grove Village; and, <br />WHEREAS, the Corporate Authorities of said <br />Village have duly fixed a time for and held a public <br />hearing upon this Annexation Agreement and have given <br />notice of said hearing, all as provided by statute; and <br />V51EREAS, Owner and Developer propose that the <br />real property legally described on the attached Exhibit <br />A hereof, be developed for purposes in accordance with <br />all Village ordinances, especially the existing I-1 pro- <br />visions of the o.iing Ordinanco; and <br />