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V.-IJ <br /> 100, hn Q V"Ssivca, by the vre:405Q Dnd Boar,! oi- <br /> TrunLeas of the Vj ] Jaqn c) F Eli, (:rr)vw vj ] 3 �qw, COUDLjos OF Co,% prj <br /> ns ow" <br /> on V i 2 yishpn to rc& ster its of Ficial ohj-OLW� <br /> to the BMW OT SunPrv� Puls , Cuuw�y to any proy,52d rap <br /> amen0yant and variation to Eja Dupage CouALy Xoninq ordinances <br /> aforemcntioned, and contends thaL much actinn will adversely effect <br /> the public benefit . <br /> Section 2 : Vint this ofticiol resolution chall he in ful].. <br /> force and effect froin and aftor its pDssage and opprnvDl, according <br /> to I ow. <br /> Section 3 : That tho Villpye Cicrk is hcreby dirocteR to <br /> submit a certified and official copy of this resolution to the County <br /> Board of Supervisors, DuPage County, attention Ray w, McDonald, at <br /> the following a6drGss : Ray W. McDonald, DuPage County Me& County <br /> Courthouse, Wheaton, Illinois . <br /> PASSED this Ist day of February 1972 . <br /> APPROVED this Ist day of Februar ----, 1972 . <br /> Ch-arles J. Zettek <br /> ATTEST: Vi.11 a g(2 P x 0-s i ben,t <br /> Richard A. McGrenera <br /> Village Clerl� <br /> -2- <br />