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pt2T;-n1�7T41?Xi1TTni� f�lGi�F;I?1�;1?1`'�h <br />HECK P11OF )Z7'Y <br />WHEREAS, FRED C. HECK and EMILY W. HECK, his N-,Yife, as joint <br />tenants, are the owners in fee sii-rplc to real estate legally described <br />on Exhibit A attached hereto, vah.ich real estate constitutes approximately <br />13.2 acres, more or less; and <br />1,91E,REAS, said FLED C. HECK and TINILY W. HECK, his wife, herein- <br />after referred to as "Owners," are desirous of annexing the aforementioned <br />property to the Village of Elk Grove Village and obtai.niny, water and sewc-r <br />service from said Village; and <br />WHERE�.S, said real estate is contiguous to the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village, is without the Vil age limits of any otllc°r municipal <br />corpor,�tion, and is otherv:7ise clic;able to be annexed to the V:i..'!Aag4 0 <br />El. k. Gr.ovc. Vi -Mage; and <br />WIIEI:E[`:S, the Village of F-;1_': GCc��7c ,7 _. ge :i c es.irot..s of an) -le -- <br />ing the said pre -)party, and agr_eeaj-,1(to furnish it with eater and sewer <br />fac.i_lit_ics, but requires that saki annexetion be part of a plan of annexa- <br />tion, w1) incorporates not only tl?e afo2-.c'r:1(.'}ationcd propertyj),-t other <br />property, which plan of annexation requires the filing of a petition -i-n <br />Circuit Court of Cook County, annexing other= as well as the afor_emer.tioncd. <br />property simultaneously; and <br />WY,EREAs, it is i-p-ce:ssary that pending the working out of the <br />plan of annexation, the aforementioned property be afforded water and <br />sewer service from the Village of Elk Crove Village. <br />In consideration of the foregoing, it is agreed by and betv.een <br />the parties, as follows: <br />l . <br />"Phe Owners, and/or their heir i and as,igns, and the Vil.l:age <br />Of El.}; Grove Village ".7ill cause t11�, do �c-ribed rez11 est-te to he <br />��nn�'YC'Cl to tli' UJ_llage of. 1,11%, ("roe(_ Villi (Je alt: such t:J11'' as S )iLi <br />VJ l.l.;)C ( j,1: 7 6 ::;_i .CC, } .1!1 110 (-V":I7t: l <br />