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i:, - i'i; C.) i(` ..:GES <br />a <br />��E:S�'�,�.1TIC.>Cp��`+&F �OG�. �iE�7�: ... . � .:'s`.� »a tt - n <A L Ne@@ia._. {: S ��""r�S'\.D��is�Rir...•a/�W ,dgf:i � ri .• <br />MUN <br />17 001141 <br />BE IT RESOLVED, by the_--- Pr— icent �':E1!� Board of Trustees <br />------._._. ---- --- -- -- ---- -- - - -----of the <br />(C^uracil or Ls.i:icn' and ).toard of Tnstec;) <br />M Grove Allen! <br />(City, Toru or vlung=) <br />Illinois, that there is hereby <br />appropriated the still). of v-�<'J�(irG ^ ------_---------of .''iiotor Fuel Tax funds for the purpose of uiaint­�tininn <br />streets and highways under the applicable provisions of the Illinois 3-Iig•hway Code, from jwnuary 1, <br />to December 31, 19-12— <br />DE IT FURTHPUZ RESOLVED, that only tho:,e streets, highways, and operations as 1_isted and described <br />on the approved I unicipal Estimate of 'Jaintenance Cost.-;, including supplemental or revised esti?nates ap- <br />proved in connection with this resolution, are elit;i':Je for IriaSiitena*ice with i1Iotor. Fuel Tai funds during, the <br />period as specifieJ abovcs. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, tlia,t the Clerk sliall, as soon as practicable aftex the close cf the period <br />as given abo-:e, ,`Y,ub iizt to the Dep,t;tment, of P&IS!. istM % and TluRding , Mvi�-icn of 1-`ifrli,'-a s, on;(Jrii7S <br />furnished 'by .•3.ICl Department, a, certlficd st,-s,te ner!t shov:'lIi`r, expenditures from and b tl�i nce ren.;i)ii;i1 • m <br />the account(s) for this periud; and, <br />BE I7 FURTHER E' OI, JLT}, L iat the Cler . ,all iTrinnediately trap,>Irit t,,,o ccrkiil;:d code:; of tris <br />reso3iltian to t,h.e dist-rict ofin'e of the Depat d. ( _ ti iii, �'�orl�:� and Buildings, s i ic.;on of ti g at <br />De a _ :er., )c ('t b a3i:il in��.�, iF,r..,: �_ iE 1�,�•a3's, <br />_—_ ---t_i q E ". __-_.--- . Illinois. <br />APPROVED <br />-- 19------- <br />Dcpt. of i'ubiic Works and Buildings <br />Division of High -ways <br />DisUR 110accr <br />':l i 1 t <br />(Clt�•,To.n or Cris^e) <br />V t t t ac a of U k Grove 'ir I Wo <br />Cleric in orad for the----_ <br />(Cit-,, ).cur. or C 3nge) <br />of-------------------- County <br />hereby cerCifv the fcregoinr* to be a true, perfect ..rad ccmplele <br />copy of a revolution adopted by i' --_i taa d_ of <br />(CMMU or M d:_U and BWd dTr WC: ) <br />Trustees. <br />at a ntertiug on ---/fir i 1 1],---1()72 _ , t9----• <br />IDI TESTIMONY 11r1JEREOB, I have iiereunio set niy hand <br />11 th <br />and sea!i this ---—day of lair i 1 , <br />A.D. 19— 72/`� / f <br />(City, "Wr, or Village) <br />(5UI65—u'�f--3-Gf,)i£su-I Form ALR 361 (Rcy. 3.68) <br />