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1M130LUTI0T1 10. 47-72 <br />RESOL'JT:c011 0_7 �LI'':'C'I�1i, OF PI1:'c'i' OL' JUBD1V115'10j, 1D-],_TIFIED AS CENTEX <br />INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT NO, 164 <br />i.IL�� .:,:'O..i,, ,,. I`i Pr,SUL _,D by ',he President and. Boars of Trus .ee of ne <br />Villa ;c of ElI> Gro r C Villa -, c, Co-mritics of Coo} and Dul'E. e, St«tc of 11.1inois . <br />Section 1. 1T1at _r ,r.or.1_ is hereby [,ivcn th.c final pat of subdivision <br />id.c:nt:'Lf.J_ca as Centex Industrial Park Unit No. 164 <br />beiftL; 8. Su ]. <br />bd1VS1Gn :1 )1 t- <br />].Ci;1�S } 34 , TO' zlship 41 <br />],orth, << ncc 11, .F st of tllc !'bird Principal. I.:eridian in Cook <br />Cvunt.Y ,1_11:inv is, a co _'Y of z;iiicl is attached hereto andmadc a <br />past liercof as :if <br />fu. - T :etoct forth. <br />Section 2. 1'hat the V11J.zit;c 11i'esident and Villa ;e Clerk are hcreby <br />authorised to siEm sai(1 for an(? in the name cf the Village <br />and at-c.ach thereto the c0rr0-_"z.te sca.l.. <br />Section `ala slice effect r <br />3. 1r.�� t. l rc..olu�ivn 11 ae in _u_1 force and eflec� from <br />and. after :its <br />passage <br />and r.:;rroval <br />accordi.nE to law. <br />PAS.,I. this <br />6th <br />dad,- of June <br />, 1972. <br />APPi�O�- =D this <br />6th <br />day of <br />June <br />, 1972. <br />Charles J. Zettek <br />President <br />Attest: <br />Richard A. McGrenere <br />