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RESOLUTION N0, 7�� <br />A RESOLUTION IN FAVOR OF ELIMINATING THE SALES TAX COLLECTIONS ON FOOD AND <br />DRUGS PROVIDED THAT THE LOSS OF REVENUE AS A RESULT OF SUCH ELIMINATION IS <br />REIMBURSED FROM OTHER REVENUE PRODUCING SOURCES <br />WHEREAS, there has been considerable discussion regarding the elimination <br />of Sales Tax on Food and Drugs, and <br />WHEREAS, there has been no r,eaningful solution to replace this revenue <br />for local governments, without increasing the property taxes, and <br />WHEREAS, this %�rould normally eliminate 157 to 25%.of the total Sales <br />Taxes received by local governments, and <br />WHEREAS, the collection of Sales Taxes is a highly inequitable means <br />of obtaining revenue, in that the middle and lower income wage earner is <br />required to spend a greater percentage of his salary on food and drugs than <br />those in a higher income bracket. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by.the President and Board of Trustees <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DUPage, that the <br />Sales Tax provisions on Food and Drugs be eliminated provided that reimburse- <br />ment is available frcin other revenue producing sources, so that the total <br />dollar amount of revenue is not reduced. <br />PASSED this Z,1%f day of <br />APPROVED this /3t4 day of <br />'ATTEST: <br />Ax,Z��,Wzc, <br />Village Clerk <br />u' , 1972. <br />Aij,z� , 1972. <br />\Village President LV''-, <br />