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RESMUT] ON, No . (ali <br /> A Pesolution Ado,,)-�- � or�, of the 111i")OIS Mulli.cipal Lea�"ue <br /> I iu;l <br /> TlTi 1-10-1-S- J—�i 1 <br /> !�o--L"c)n i rel)CC! , C I 'l <br /> se, <br /> WHEREAS , tile. Illinois Municipa.1 League represent,,, the <br /> interes-ts of over nine hundred i,,iunicipalitics in the State of <br /> Illinois , and <br /> WHEREAS , by the enactment- of the 13nvironmental Protection <br /> Act of 1-970 , tbe Pollution Control Board, the Environmental <br /> Protection Agency , and the Institute for Environmental Quali.t�, <br /> haVe been established , and <br /> WHEREAS, the member municipalities of the Illinois <br /> Municipal League firmly and st ronol), support the objective <br /> of a clean and pure environi.��ent , and <br /> WHEREAS, only 'throuE2'li the cooperation of the' Govcrnm�ej,'.t <br /> of the State of Illinois and the units of local government so <br /> affected by tile Environmental Protection Act of 1970 , can units <br /> of local government meet the challenge and responsibility , and <br /> WHEREAS , by orders entered by the Pollution Control <br /> Board , widespread prohibitions of open burning purportedly <br /> have been made , and whereas the pachaging of various forms <br /> of waste in plastic containers and the disposal thereof and <br /> of dead wood and trees by the sanitary land fill method may <br /> present serious problems in the future , and whereas there are <br /> not enougb land fill sites available for the continued use, of- <br /> this method of disposal , and <br /> WHEREAS, various municipalities have arranged financing <br /> for and have let contracts for disposal- facilities oil the <br /> strbngth of the information received by them from the State . <br /> departments or agencies as to the environi-j,,ental protection <br /> requirements , only to find t],at such requirements ha��c been <br /> C11,111ged , and <br /> ILAe dolegatt.;,s in 'Che Annual Confei-ence of <br /> V�'l I ER E A S <br /> tile Illinois Mtu')Icipal League do believe that cortain problcills <br /> must be resolved and tbat po'licies sliould be adoptt�d indicating <br /> the gener'll Concern of this del-evation . <br />