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S´┐ŻLiJ iO.v Xo . 73-72 <br /> s <br /> Attachment for Application No. <br /> BE IT 2ESOLV.:D BY President and Board of Trustess of Elk Grove Village <br /> (Governing Body) (Public Entity) <br /> T ]AT Charles A. Willis Village Manager <br /> Name of .Incumbent) (Official Position) <br /> be and he is hereby authorized to -execute for and in behalf of Elk Grove <br /> Village , a public entity established <br /> under the laws of the Sate of Illinois , this application <br /> and to file it in the appropriate State office for the- purpose of obtaining <br /> certain Federal financial assistance under the Federal Disaster. Act (Public <br /> Law 606, 91st Congress).. <br /> Passed and approved this 12thday of September , 1.9 72 <br /> Charles J. Zettek, Village President <br /> ]game and Title <br /> Name and Title <br /> Name and Title <br /> CERTIFICATION <br /> I, Richard A Mc Grenera duly appointed and Village Clerk <br /> (title <br /> of Elk Grove Village do hereby certify that the above is a <br /> true and correct copy of a resolution passed and approved by the <br /> President and Board of Trustees of Elk Grove Village <br /> (Governing Body) (Public Entity) <br /> on the 12th day of September 19 72 <br /> (date) (24onth) <br /> i Date: September 20,1972 <br /> Village Clerk <br /> (Official Position) (Signature) , <br /> Form OEP 152 <br /> "eb.,1971 <br /> I <br /> l <br />