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RESOLUTION NO. 93-72 <br /> A RESOLUTION HONORING THE ST. VIATOR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM <br /> WHEREAS, the St. Viator High School Varsity Football Team have distinguished <br /> themselves by sharing in the 1972 Suburban Catholic Conference League Football <br /> Championship, and <br /> WHEREAS, the St. Viator High School Sophomore and Freshman Football Teams <br /> had outstanding seasons, and <br /> WHEREAS, St. Viators' Varsity Football Team by its caliber of play, received <br /> high State and Local ranking among the schools in the State and Chicago area, <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, the Lions provided their fans, many from Elk Grove Village, with <br /> an excellent season highlighted by fine coaching and exceptional individual and <br /> team effort of its' football players, and <br /> WHEREAS, President Brother Leo V. Ryan, C.S. V. ,Athletic Director, Reverend <br /> Patrick Cahill , C.S.V. ,Head Varsity Coach, Jim. Lyne, Assistant Coaches Sal Nuccio, <br /> Pat Mahoney, Bill Pirman, Nick Novich, Ron Klaus , John Zid and Brother Dave Erbach, <br /> C.S.V, and the following team members, <br /> Terry Cherwin Pete Carroll Terry Lange Doug Harrison, Manager <br /> Mike Dougherty Dan Andejeski Tom Horvath Tim Doyle, Manager <br /> Stan Bubowski Tom Maher Kurt Heerdegen Barry Golembiewski , Manager <br /> Jim Bucaro John Galioto Mike Scott Mark Graczyk, Manager <br /> Jim Bristol Steve Bobowski Bob Bruck Dan Garrett , Manager <br /> Bill Clifford Ralph Bosch Ken Smith Keith Walinski , Manager <br /> Bob Foster Greg Casciaro Jim Quinnett <br /> Bernie Borschke Matt Griffin Ralph Kell <br /> Kevin O' Connor Mike Kehoe Andy Michuda <br /> Casey Klingberg Dave Miller Bill Kastner <br /> Frank Cliggett John Andejeski Dan O' Connor <br /> Scott Rossi Brien McHale Joe Peifer <br /> Mark Gentuso Ed Augustin Mike Cook <br /> Bill McShea Jim Peifer Tom Chapman <br /> Rick O'Donnell John Winters Mike Cieslak <br /> WHEREAS, the Championship was won as a result of the overall determination, <br /> self sacrifice and dedication displayed b.y. the above mentioned _coaches 'and players; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE , BE IT RESOLVED,' by 'the President and Board of- Trustees of the <br /> Vi 11 age ..of Elkk Grove Vi l l age,- Count i es ,of Cook .and •DuPage,' I.l l.i no-i s, as• fol lows:.. <br /> Section 1 : That the St. Viator High School Lions are hereby commended for the <br /> honor they have bestowed upon themselves and their High School by sharing the Sub- <br /> urban Catholic Conference League Football Championship. . <br /> Section 2; That this resolution shall be in full force and effect from and <br /> after its passage and approval , according to law. <br /> PASSED this 28th day of _ November 1972. <br /> APPROVED this 28th day of — November 1972. <br /> Vi 1 lag res"ae' nt <br /> ATTEST: U <br /> Village Clerk <br />