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Building <br />Volume <br />(Cu. Ft.) <br />SHELL (structure only) <br />Basic Building <br />Code (BBC) <br />COMPLETE BUILDING <br />BOCA Codes* <br />(BBC, BPC, EMC) <br />0 <br />to <br />10,000 <br />a 40.00 <br />$ 55.00 <br />10,001 <br />to <br />25,000 <br />60.00 <br />70.00 <br />25,001 <br />to <br />50,000 <br />70.00 <br />90.00 <br />50,001 <br />to <br />100,000 <br />80.00 <br />115.00 <br />100,001 <br />to <br />175,000 <br />95.00 <br />125.00 <br />175,001 <br />to <br />250,000 <br />100.00 <br />140.00 <br />250,001 <br />to <br />350,000 <br />110.00 <br />160.00 <br />For each <br />10,000 <br />1.10 <br />$ 1.25 <br />cu. ft. <br />in <br />excess <br />of 350,000 <br />*Plan Review fees are at a reduced rate when the Basic Building, Basic <br />Plumbing and Basic Mechanical Codes are utilized. <br />**Fee for use groups B (Storage) and D (Industrial) is $0.85 for each <br />10,000 cu. ft. in excess of 350,000. <br />***Fee for use groups B (Storage)and D (Industrial) is $1.00 for each <br />10,000 cu. ft. in excess of 350,000. <br />The MINIMUM fee for reviewing plans for minor interior alterations and re- <br />modeling for other than single family residences shall not be less than ... $10,00. <br />Any additional and exceptional expenses incurred by the Village for Plan Review <br />NOT covered by the above fees shall be paid by the applicant. <br />Section 2: BUILDING PERMIT FEES <br />Industrial and Commercial <br />Single family residence <br />- $4.00 for ea. $1,000 of construction value <br />- $4.00 ,f <br />It It if <br />Single family alteration or <br />remodeling or detached struc- <br />ture. - $4.00 " <br />Moving of building - $200.00 per ea. day or fraction thereof. <br />Sign Fees: <br />A. Permit fees - Every applicant before being granted an <br />original permit hereunder shall pay to the Village the <br />following permit fee for each sign structure: <br />2 <br />