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o . .2, 1/ STATE OF ILLINOIS <br />Construction <br />RES LU"C &CCN! FOR. BY f -AL!" N3111CrkP LITY <br />UND`R TINS f�� � �.� �� c f;rC.6"�►I.W�,`�`Y CC��1z <br />BE IT RESOLVED, by thePr 1.c ent-3nd-roar d_.of-Truateas _— -_of the <br />_ Council or President and Board of Trustees <br />Villa_e _Grove e_—, Illinois <br />City. Town, or Village — – - <br />that the following described strCWIS) be improved under the Illinois I Lights ay Code: <br />Name of Thoroughfare <br />Arterial <br />I Street or From <br />Route <br />To <br />Laurel <br />_�oni��E3Qad <br />J <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVEll, <br />1. That the proposed improvement consist_— <br />insta.11inF� c-jrb and Cutter, now dr 'r e strv_ctures and reelacini_— <br />necessary curb Irnc t4 -tomer sad.e;.11'c,—vr i_ re„ �ra� and draina , e s urvctu-res . <br />and shall be designated is <br />C.S. <br />2. That there is hereby appropriated the sum of.'' L0—=�12tn�1i1�ll�ndrs_�2'.t;T :ll�1�d_ <br />C G <br />------ -------------------------------llollars (S_9,��''- 6----- ----) for the <br />improvement of said section from the municipality's allotment of Motor Fuel Tax funds. <br />3. That said work shall be done by_-____—�Q�i✓Ci-- <br />(Specify Contract or Day Labor) <br />; and, <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clerk is hereby directed to transmit two certified copies of this resolution to <br />the Department of Public Works and L'uildin'-s, Division of Iiighw ays, through its District Engineer. <br />APPROVED <br />VED <br />- 19_ -. <br />Dept. of Public Works and }Buildings <br />Division of Highways <br />Chief Highway Engineer <br />.CIL. <br />Ctn __Clerk <br />Mrs. (City. Town, or Village) <br />in and for the SJ1 l"e of Ell Grove Vill_ e <br />(Citi'. Town, or Village) <br />County of-_CC>_Q--_hereby certify the foregoing <br />to be a true, perfect and complete copy of a resolution adopted by the— <br />rresaent_.�~tel s meeting on <br />(Council or President and Board of Trustees) <br />IN TESTITNIIO:VY WII i;OF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this <br />���--day of--`-�� --- --- - -- - , A. D. If_��. <br />(SEAL) <br />ACtn_Vll <br />(City. Town, or Village) <br />Form©LR 414 <br />(Rev. 12.62) <br />