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A P.",OP"i'i-O.: AI I'1!0I:1_i;liii; I`d,S:Il1;J?; <br />NODI, 1,11RI'mo" '.I 13b; .17' I:.,i;Oi.A'111) by t-nc. 1'i.--;d-nt rurc. Boa� u ci Truste(- <br />., <br />of tl)c of Elie Grov. VIA .1 ge, GOuIA: of. Cool: and DuP., ;e, Str�ic of <br />1'1.1ino; s, as fol-loty::: i <br />Sect_io_n 1: That the BANS: OP' EU, GROVE , of Elk Crove Village, 1IIinois, <br />as a de.sit}mated depositary of the Villigge of. Elk Grope VilIaL-c, is hereby <br />requested, authorized and d!rect:ed to horror, pay e,nd charge to the Vi-11a"'c_ of <br />Elk Crove Vi-l.lage 01 checks or other orders for payment of: money signed in the <br />nitre of the Vil_lagc of Elk Crove V;J-lage when bearing tate actual signatures or <br />when bearing or purporting to bear the fats;:ui1c sign titres of any tvo of the <br />fol.lowins, : <br />Village Treasurer. <br />V;.11.age Manager <br />Geor};e C._Conc <br />Charles A. INTIMIs <br />wheth-r or not payablc to, endorsed or negotiated by, or deposited to the <br />individual. c.reclit of any of said persons, and said, BANI, OF ITT, GROVE, shall be <br />entitled to honor, pay and charge the Vi la,c of EJ]: Grave Vil.Jo-;e for al.l. such <br />checks or other orders for the pay: -rent of money i-rrespective of by whom or by <br />what means the purported or actual. facsimile si-gnatm-es tlucreor, mny have been <br />affixed thereto if such signatures'resemblc tljc facsi-mile spec; -mens duly <br />cer'Afi-ed to or filed with said Bank. <br />Section 2: That the V;-lloge Clerk of. the Vil.lagc of Elk Grove Village <br />is 'Lereby authorized to certify to said Bank a copy of these resolutions a.nd <br />spc:mens of said facsinti-le signatures and ,sial P>mtic is hereby author;/ed to <br />rely upon such certificate unt:11. it is by a subsequent <br />certificate in writing under the corporate seal. of the Vil.l.age of El.k Grove <br />Village of any changes or alterations therein. <br />. Section 3: That the aforemcnti-oned authority shall apply to the <br />following cles_;lnated and numbered accounts and all others: <br />General. Account 10-011--0 <br />Waterworks and Sewerage Fund <br />Revenue Account 1.0-002-1.' <br />Payroll Account 10-478--7 <br />Wateroorl-s and Sewerage Fund <br />Bond Account 10-001-3 <br />Escrow Account 10-004-8 <br />Traffic Signal. Fund 11-277-1 <br />Section 4: That this resolution shall. be. in full force and effect <br />from and after it's Massage and approval according to law. <br />PASSED <br />t1lis <br />27th <br />day <br />of <br />Januo.ry <br />APPROVED <br />this <br />27th <br />day <br />of <br />January <br />ATTEST: <br />;l as:1 ,1, c;. <br />1970. <br />1970. <br />Jnch D. Frhl. <br />Village Presl&tu.t <br />