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RE8GL�71'IOiV� Iv'0. _�17-70 --- <br />RESOLUTIO_`! OF APPRO'J1LL OW ]FLAT (;P' SUDIJAIJ:SIOit 11P�,Id'TJWTED AS LOT 1 IN FIRST <br />DIVISION IN BRICKVALE SUBDIVISION _ <br />NOW) TIDMTIFORPI, gi? IT RIISOTRIID by the iresirtent and Board of Trurtecs of the <br />Village of Elk. GDove Village, Cou*r'"ies of Coo'c and Dupa-ge, Stage of lal.ino.2: <br />Section I. That approva_1 is hercby i,ivcn the final plat of <br /> as Loot 1 in First Division in_Brick_valg Sub_5tiyign__- <br />bc:in�; a subdi.v.i.sioi In Sect:i.on(r )-__2 --, Township ��-___. <br />Porth, Rannc 11, ,:,ast of the Tli:ird. Iiincipo.l PAcridia.i, in DuPage <br />County, Ill.:ino:is, cony of wh.icii :is attac'rcd hereto and :::dc r. <br />p rt hereof as if fully sc; forth. <br />Section 2. That the Village President Bind Villa,e Clcrk esnm hereby <br />authorized to sign said pltL for amid in the nazae of tine Villa�c. <br />and. attach thc,'reto the corpo stc ;;cal. <br />Section 3• Thal- this resoluii.on shall be in full force and e^fact from <br />and alter its <br />passa{;c <br />and <br />cpliroval <br />according to .lavr, <br />PASSr,U this -- <br />10th—day <br />of <br />APPjMij'',D this <br />10th_^ <br />day <br />of <br />February _ ___ <br />, ].970• <br />_Jack D. Pahl -----, -- <br />Pres:idcnt <br />Attest: <br />Eleanor G. Turner <br />