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RESOLUTION OP APHOVAL OF PLAT SUC51VISION IDENTIFIED AS IIIGG7,S IPiD'JS`iRIAL <br /> PARK UVIT T,'O. 1St <br /> PTO P Tlil;las'P'O1=;73, TiL IT RLS0IAED by the Praaidcnt vnd Board of Trustees of the <br /> Village of Elk Wove Village, Counties of Cook; and Du Page, State of Illinois: <br /> Section 1. That approval is hereby 'Iven the final_ plat of subdivision <br /> identified as` irr 2ir,"__jn&u`yt__i: l park twit to. 12.__.-_� _ <br /> being a subdivision in Section (s� 7- — , Toti=nsh:.p__1jl� <br /> north, Range 11, East of the Third Principal Meridian in <br /> Illinois, a copy of which is a _cached <br /> hereto and made a part hereof as if fully set forth. <br /> Section 2. TOL the Village President and Village Clerk ore hereby <br /> au.tlo'rincd to sign said plat for and in the name of the <br /> Vil:n6e and attach thereto the corporate sealysubject to <br /> the V111age EnEineer's approval. <br /> Section 3. That this resolution shall be in full force and Pfn& from <br /> and after its pa:sage t,nc, approval aceordi.nb to lata. <br /> PASSI?.11 this -- )'i-=h <br /> ___—day of JwnE; , 1969 <br /> . <br /> APPW%9!;D this, 3rddny of - TU.Iv -------- - 19 6 <br /> Attest: \� <br /> J'Wink 10 ov'd-z'el <br /> Village Clerk �- ✓—�(... Y.j-. ,, <br />