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RES t`t.UT1ON i3tl, =,^ <br /> N011, THEPEFC li, BE 11 RESOLVED by Wo President and Board of Trustees <br /> of the Village of Elk Move Village, Cou"tins of Cook and DuNge, State of <br /> Illinois: <br /> Section 1 - That the Village President be and is hereby authorized to <br /> sign the attacked doe vmnits Mar Lod }se•-"One t_on 1 LT, Coe)A lUncen <br /> Un- <br /> Mlonz o; Aly l CMO ti ; 1.]_ E PH, UA 7111: L %c 1411,r— 1 c c _ - a CjVb, Inn. <br /> a copy of which is attachedSAMOA ui,.adn a part hereof <br /> as if fully scat forth and the Villoge Clerk is authorized to E,ttest said <br /> documents upon the signature of the Village President, <br /> Section 2 - That this resolution shall be in full force aid efFQct from <br /> and after its posssge and approval according to law, <br /> PASSED this i1- - -day Of�_._..__ ._ <br /> APR?o&D this:�7' day Of_ Ju7 ____.._._r <br /> i.r <br /> !{Pres;i�dent <br /> Attest: <br /> Vi l lage Cleric / --_-- <br /> l. <br />