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' RESOLUTION No. 80-69 <br /> WHEREAS Member Municipalities are so located in relation to <br /> each other that it is to the advantage of each such participant to <br /> extend aid to the others in respect to police services, and <br /> WIIEREAS, it is recognized that in certain situations the use <br /> of police officers to perform police duties outside of the territorial <br /> limits of the municipality where such officers are legally employed <br /> may be desirable and necessary in order to preserve and protect the <br /> health, safety and welfare and morals of the public, and <br /> WHEREAS participants herein deem mutual aid police services <br /> to be in the best interest of the municipality, <br /> NOW THEREFORE. IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED betwoen the parties as <br /> follows: <br /> 1. Authorization. Fach member municipality does hereby <br /> authorize and direct its police chief or the officer commanding in his <br /> absence to render and request mutual police aid to and from other member <br /> municipalities to the extent of available personnel and equipment not <br /> required for adequate protection of the municipality rendering aid. The <br /> judgment of the police chief or officer commanding in his absence, of each <br /> municipality rendering aid, as to the amount of personnel and ego.ipment <br /> available, shall be final. <br /> 2. Power and Authority Police officers who shall be commanded <br /> by their superior authority to maintain the peace cr perforin police duties <br /> outside the territorial limits of the city or village which regularly <br /> employs such officers, shall be under the direction and authority of one <br /> person designated by all police chiefs of participating municipalities , <br /> such person shall in turn be under the direction and authority of the <br /> local commanding police officer of the municipality to which they are <br /> called to perform police or peace duties, and shall be peace officers <br /> thereof; they shall have all powers and authority of police and peace <br /> officers as provided by law, including the power of arrest. <br />