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RES C1 Q 102 LOY_ <br /> APPROVAL OF PLAT OF VACATION OF CFNTEX INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT NO, 125 <br /> NOW, THEMME, LE IT RESOLVIC by thi Presidont and Board of Trust=' <br /> of the Villogn of Elk Grova Village , Ccuntics of Cook and DuPaUn, State Of <br /> Illinois: <br /> Section I - That thb Village President by and is hereby authorized to <br /> In W attached Mumants marked Plot of Vacation of Centex Industrial <br /> Pack Unit No. 12y <br /> P a copy of which is attachod hereto and mida a part hvrevc' <br /> an if fully sot forth and thn Villogs CIM is authorized to attest Me, <br /> docupants upon the signature of the viinge president. <br /> Section 2 - Thai this resoluMn shall bo in full Toren and affect 1ro0-, <br /> and oftur its passaga and approvol accMing to lai, <br /> PASSED this, 22Q'�- --("."'y <br /> AWOMD this 22nd ,day of_ I 'd C, <br /> President <br /> Attest: <br /> Eleanor G. Turner <br /> TIT I NJ—Clerk <br />