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REsmU9.':LO:J ilo. __.86-62__ <br /> RESOLUTIOSI OF APPROVAL OF PLP T OF SUBDIVIS 100 IDENTTYIED AS HIGGINS <br /> INDUSTRI/1L PARK.TYUT._WO. 17 <br /> NOW, THER[:EOfr, BE IT RESOLVED by the 13,e a.detit and Board of Trustees of the <br /> VillaC;c of E7.1; Grove Village, Coui,,:ics of Goo]; and, DuPage, State of Illinois: <br /> sect"on I. Thai, a.pprova-1 is heron-y given L);e final plat of subdivision <br /> identified as Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 17 <br /> being a. subdivision in Section (s) `__ 22 ^, Township 41 <br /> North, Range ll, East of the Third Principal Meridian :in <br /> Cook yv County, I:1.7.inois, a copy of w2iich is attached <br /> hereto and made a part hereof as if' fully set forth. <br /> Section 2. That the Village President and Village Clerk are hereby <br /> authorized to sign sa.Ld plat for and in the mane of the <br /> Village and attach thereto the corporate seal. <br /> Section 3. That this resolution shall be in Rill force and effect from <br /> and after its passage and approval according to law. <br /> PASSED this 12th day of August 119 69. <br /> APPROVED this 12th_ day of — August �9 69. <br /> Jack D. Pahl <br /> President <br /> Attest: <br /> Eleanor G. Turner <br /> Village Clerk <br />