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RFiSOfu'C rCT`. 1;�). 1o8-69 <br />RSSOLU'PI011 (or 01' 11^_`J.' CJ,'i SUDDIMS105 ID'':ATIF11M AS HIGGINS <br />IS?OiSTJiIAL YAM, U^iI5' SiO. 24 <br />NOW) TA ;RE M;'i Pb; 1.`.r ERSWNA ]D by he )mcg iNrt end Board of Trust,cen of the <br />VWALc of Ell Crone V IInSe, Coved c of Ca.Y and- 1+:a B , State of 11.1%oW <br />Section 1. That approval is hereby given W final plat of snbdivisimi <br />identified, as Higgins <br />Indutttria.l <br />Park Unit <br />No. Rid <br />being •. subdi'vinion in <br />Socilon <br />21st..__, <br />^� day or <br />North, RarjSc 115 <br />of the Third <br />Principal <br />hopid:ian in <br />Cook -- County, <br />11100n, a. <br />copy of c; <br />is attached <br />hereto and made a ya;: i; <br />hereof as <br />if fully sta <br />forth. <br />Section 2. That the Prevident. and V:i11c3a Clerk are hereby <br />authorized to sign plat fur and in the nmc of the <br />Village and attach thereto the corpor Re seal. <br />Section. 3. That this resolution shall be in full force aia effect from <br />and after its <br />passage <br />and approval <br />according to law. <br />PASSED this <br />21st..__, <br />^� day or <br />October <br />69. <br />APP;OVED this <br />21st <br />day of <br />ryOctobcr <br />_�19 69. <br />Jack D. Pahl <br />prosiclent <br />Attest: <br />Eleanor G. Turner <br />Vil.].r�,'c Cle7 <br />