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RESOLUTION, <br />A 0 300.'.iGY J . C.. �'.''Ih � On. C)ii: SU "l (v i c; �> > r U:W FOO CARDTOM COU -C <br />:ilr�i)l=V� 6;1:O <br />i r Trwrours <br />BY IT n^ O VED Dy the President anJ Board of Trustees <br />of iiia Vinegc of Ell; Grove Village, Counties of Cook and Dul"v9s, State of <br />Illinois: <br />Section i - That the ViIlago Pr:siecut he asci is hereby authorized to <br />sign the attached docuz i:s markod Su Olvisi_o_) r.ond <br />, a copy of whirh is etteched hereto and made a part hereof <br />as if fully out forth and tho Vi ''lege Clerk is authorised to attest said <br />documents upon the signature of the Vills, President. <br />Section 2 - That this resolution, shall be in full force and effect fro; <br />and uftcr its passage and approval Lcc,ording to law, <br />PASSED this <br />pprnovkl) this 12 h day 0r_7`lo�ros:bez <br />Attest: <br />Viilag:e Clerk <br />i <br />0 <br />(�l <br />............................. (,Y:'Al,) <br />