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1:L;0SJ, , i 0 , G- l, C- j'i S'.i' U�' V. <br />1i0".1, 1l'� i:) �JCJJ��r�•'.I) bs �-rc,,zRaM H2Od honrd of Trustees of tho <br />l l i` 1% on Vill.p[m CCn.�,-- ov of Coot and Wogu, S O& of 113 nail: <br />V1 C _ C. �. _ <br />Section 1. Th t ajpmval is hcrobj givon t1w UI12a }-plat of bubdivision <br />identified as <br />._ <br />bcirg a subdivisic" in Section (s) 2f ... ._._) lolQnship <br />MON nsc 11Fnst of the Third 3000 -ml biErid.ian in <br />. <br />.. <br />CcIr_ �_ .Goan fir, .f. ]. �.noi.>; a cot_;r of which is attached <br />hereto vnd made n prat. hereof as .if fully set forth. <br />Section 2. Tnat the Village President and Villn_Gc Work are hereby <br />authorized to sign said plat for end :in the ncsn�, of tM <br />- - VIl.InEe and .'.'viach 'i.i?;zzeto the ConY mate seal.. - <br />Sectio" 3. bunt this resolution rhall be in full force anA effect frm, <br />and after :its <br />pamge and. <br />approval <br />accord%Z to law. <br />PASSED 1r.�.��D t.his <br />201 <br />day of <br />IdovE;_aber <br />IT.r'nG;.C'll C!)_Ls <br />r� n <br />day of <br />T`,ovemaer l9r>9 <br />, <br />Jae): D. Po111 <br />t <br />AMU <br />Eleanor U. it <br />Village Clech <br />