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C.- <br />LUND ho. 8 s 105612 y,: <br />"i'l, S" -:T:", That VVY! ;Eqwc., <br />Of 111 J " F� -�" 1-1 (h1YVjhqfn,Y CUM L& M neiryl), ko Pro, %' and <br />7.i..: 1-�,iA � �""Y i�N I P corpor"Ison organiz-! exinfint, <br />Unser -he 1AW5 of Un Mal p of ConnQUYUK with its prinvilal oflice III <br />t-- (" 11111,0rd) Cann"05CUK (h-rolnuff"r c0lal the Snunly), as <br />SUI -4: , VIV neld an I KIMY bound unto M VAJAGE 01' Ell! GIORK VULVA) <br />11,10 is,(KryinafLur c0l& the fllin.a), in tho jr:' nd full sun of <br />R0j0M.V))- DJ1,1J,h to tha of t:h ch <br />SUTJ wall and tru? to DO Mdi, thd nM Mrsipol and SaMy bind them -- <br />selves) and Mir r�Aj-.VM heirs, executors, sncccssoj.-.,- <br />and assigns, joinf3y an -1 scycrally, MyQy by those proscl-As. <br />WHEMS, they Principal has clitured into a caMin wrMen contract with tha <br />Chligcw, for construction of all joblic flUl: Coj-cl�)n `qtr(_!, fro::: <br />HiZERs Rund on the SvKh to Bvnn&� SvIont an t4c Enjil <br />W&REMS3 said MUM requires snid 1100pal to ScIcia"ify tie Oblijec a&xlinst <br />defective materials and faulty workyuship that may b" found in said woR for <br />two (7) years from the date of 'his KY. I <br />NOW, - HEREME, the coMAtion of thns obligation is such, IQ if the said <br />Principal- shall full, in0mmify the Oblinva for am; loss it m -y suffer throuji <br />the failure of the ITYMpQ faithfully Q obsorvu and parQu each anti nvqry <br />oblien0ioD ond duty' Tijan,d upon thy. frill 1pQ 11 tho sM knPoerince guar`yhvv, <br />then uUnaviun to Q V03d! 040 1;30" to IuMPKI in full Mau and Vitt U�� <br />in Pol. <br />PIAMIADMONEVIR, it shall be a conditinA proo-donk to any right of r-cov,n-.-/ <br />here"Her that in evM of any default on the port of the principal, a wr?lan <br />stai,mont of particular facts Vowing the date. and n%turs of such default <br />Shn3l on inondiatoly d2livered to Un MY, by rogisLarad mAl at its Me <br />L:P — in Ky City vf INKRY, Mimucic; U. <br />AND :16MAUXATIM, that im arlion, suit or preve0inn shn3l be hod or rain. <br />ta:ned ayalnnL the Suraty on this inSKIMPIRIT USLOW M xna he broughl or <br />001futed and process servqd upon the Suraty within three (7) mm&hn after <br />x0raflon of such mninteranco period. <br />-1, WIFidllale) -ald Principal_ vwd Suruty have signed and scaled MY <br />.Mrunicnt this ... day of _,.___._—___-5 A.D., <br />Autborized Agent <br />THI; FPN!, C.A51TIFY AND 541-Y Cal"y", <br />Byl, <br />--i ?1C <br />