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RESOLUTION NO. <br />Z4zzo <br />A RESOLUTION DIRECTED TO THE COOK COUNTY BOARD. <br />OF COMMISSIONERS, COOK COUNTY BOARD OF APPEALS, <br />AND THE COUNTY CLERK FOR TRANSMITTAL TO COOK <br />COUNTY BOARD OF CONMISSIONERS PROTESTING THE <br />RE -ZONING OF PROPERTY ON THE NORTH SIDE OF DEVON <br />BISECTED BY BISNER (IF EXTENDED) <br />WHEREAS the Petitioner and Owner of the property, <br />Exchange National Bank of Chicago, Trustee, under Trust No. <br />14893 is the owner of property legally described as follows: <br />LEGAL <br />That part of the South half of fractional Section 31, <br />Township 41 North, Range 11, East of the Third Principal Meridian, <br />described as follows: <br />Beginning at the South East corner of said Section 31, <br />and thence North 20 chains (1320.20 feet) thence West <br />8.25 chains (544.5 feet), thence South 20 chains, <br />thence East 8.25 chains to the place of beginning. <br />ALSO, the South West quarter of the South West <br />quarter of Section 32, Township 31 North, Range 11, <br />East of the Third Principal Meridian, except the <br />East.981.93 feet thereof in Cook County, Illinois. <br />and has petitioned for the re -zoning of the Easterly 10 plus <br />acres of same from R-3 to R-4 Single Family Residence and the <br />Westerly 16 acres thereof from R-3 to the R-6, General Residence <br />District (Multi-Family),.and. <br />WHEREAS the Village of Elk Grove Village is within 1-1/2 <br />miles of the subject property and is legally entitled to file <br />objections thereto, and <br />WHEREAS said case 'has been docketed as Docket No. 1384 <br />by the Cook County Zoning Board of Appeals, <br />NOW,THEREFORE BE I7' RESOLVED by the President and Board <br />of Trustees, of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of <br />Cook and DuPage, Illinois: <br />Section 1: That the Village of Elk Grove Village does <br />hereby object to the re -zoning of said property as petitioned <br />for the following reasons: <br />(a) That it opposes the re -zoning of any portion of the <br />above described property to the R-6, General Residence District <br />-1- <br />