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c,,rl-I cis to llrt-il 1t '.S '•,Yr 1-17]'1 E -d i'--3( ti"/ a _ <br />Cc <br />... _- . r <br />c � + the foi ice:` <br />S o - -- _ _-:so.�s oNyo it" �ar�_:�•� naI <br />facsimiles signatures are set: <br />Name <br />Donald B. Eppley <br />Village Treasurer <br />Facsimile Signature <br />Charles A. Willis /i,>°,%I-�✓�r.� <br />Village Manager <br />Affix Corporate <br />Seal below INWITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set <br />my hand and affixed the corporate seal <br />of said municipal corporation this <br />day of A.D. 19_ <br />Village Clerk <br />The undersigned, being a Trustee of said Village of Elk Grove <br />Village, does hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct copy <br />of certain resolutions of the President and Board of Trustees of <br />said Village of Elk Grove Village adopted as above set forth. <br />-2- <br />