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RESOLUTION No. --?9-67 <br />RESOLUTION OF APPROVAL OF PIAT OF SUBDIVISION IDENTIFIED AS 40M <br />SUS ISION IN MWN-0'444 n =TRM PARK UNIT 110 2 <br />NON, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of Trna#wis of <br />the Village of Elk Grova Village, Counties of Cook and DWMge, State of <br />Illinois: <br />Section 1. That approval is hereby given the final plat of subdivision <br />identified as dohnwold Subdivision in Devon -O'Hare Industrial <br />Park Unit No.2 being a subdivision of the south 260 feet of <br />the North 310 feet of the West 115 feet of the last 1225 feet <br />of the Forth B, -junrter of Section 2, Township 40 North, <br />Range 11, Ecst of the 'Third Principal Meridian (except that <br />part therc,,)f ,):;retofore dedicated}, in DaPage County,Illinois, <br />a CGpy of which is attached hereto and, :made a part hereof as if <br />f al.y set forth. <br />Section 2. That the Vil.lagg President and. Village Clerk are hereby autho- <br />rized to sign said plat for and in the name of the Village and <br />attach thereto the corporate seal, <br />Section 3. That this resolution shall be in full force anC+. effect from and <br />after its passage and approval according to law. <br />PASSED this 13, day of__L e 1967, <br />APPROVED this 13 day of—, juge, 1967. <br />Jack D. Pahl <br />es <br />Attest: <br />Eleanor G. Turner <br />Village Clerk <br />