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STATE OF ILLINOIS <br />si <br />RESOLUTION FQR.MAINTENANCE OF ARTERIAL STREETS OR STATE HIGHWAYS <br />BY MUNICIPALITY UNDER THE ILLINOIS HIGHWAY CODE. <br />BE IT RESOLVED, by the P 11 "A'Ii i,. X14 OP TWJSTE't'6 <br />the til <br />(Council or Prealde.t k.0 uoara of Trustees) <br />of that there is hereby appropriated the , <br />(City, Town, or vulairp) <br />sum ofi$ 500.00 of Motor Fuel Tax funds for the purpose of maintaining under the Illinois Highway Code <br />the following described arterial streets or State Highways, from January 1, 19-6�– to December 31,,19-- <br />x <br />– <br />Arterial PORTION TO BE MArNTAMED <br />Street or STREET <br />Route From, (Street) To (Street) <br />na <br />tj r1i jood rj <br />A <br />Rldl4e Aver <br />gig*. <br />q. <br />Elk Grtwn blvel, <br />T&nnn lids 112310 1! to* 2'4� <br />lilby <br />oharinf; <br />tt etr ry rt to <br />9. <br />flrm.�t Avg* <br />MIr r'=3ra–'A1'jd I&WIlv"ti't <br />A <br />TnnnJ3 PA - <br />11 <br />Wr-, I n i i t Ln n <br />J,g1130 <br />it DO-, <br />Ar j of,. ni44 a �T,Amvi— <br />Mk G-Ovo Blvd- 40rawall 21*, <br />-Cadlw" Lana <br />-Pladan T-lzma <br />it it 3;qatn"J& rumn <br />Mao � ct - <br />VA 0:hpit4 a X�Qne <br />Atfy <br />A. <br />It C* <br />1.�.4- rt <br />Wns:e Rd <br />%Amqt Ava <br />it 17 tr <br />64–= <br />Cl� POW40af 00v <br />134060 Rd al d <br />7 <br />