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MUTUAL AID AGREErtEDTT <br />These Articles of Agreement, made and entered into oh the 23rd <br />day of Jan na ter, A.D. 1964, by and between the Elk Grove Village <br />Fire Department, ere for convenience called the first party, and the <br />Wood Dale Fire Department, hereinafter for convenience called the second party, <br />Witneegeth: <br />149ERRA8, in eases of emergency arising within the territories of the <br />respective parties hereto in which instances either party may require additional <br />equipment and personnel beyond that which it is able to furnish from its own <br />tesourdes in combating such emergency; and <br />WHEREAS, the parties hereto recognize that the aforesad emergency is likely <br />to ¢rise and wish to provide a system of mutual aid and assistance in meeting such <br />a situation! <br />Thereforey it is mutually agreed between the parties akoresaid that either <br />party hereto will furnish to the othek party all available equipement and personnel <br />at the site of the fire or other disaster under the following conditions: <br />1. The first party in case of emergency in its territary shall request such <br />aid and assistance by call to the Fire Chief of the second party or in the event <br />of not being able to reach the said Fire Chief by call, then by call to the <br />Assistant Chief, or in the absence of the latter, then by call in proper rotation <br />to those persons as listed upon a list to be furnished by the second party to the <br />Fire Chief of the first party. Such request for aid and assurance shall be made <br />by the Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, or by any Trustee of the First Party. <br />2. The Second Party in case of emergency in its territory shall request such <br />aid and assistance from the first party by call through the same system or manner <br />as is provided hereinabove in the immediately preceding paragraph. <br />3. Either party hereto in its discretion shall have an absolute right to <br />refuse to furnish any equipment or personnel to the other party consistent with <br />the primary responsibility of providing fire protection within its own territory, <br />or to furnish such equipment and personnel as it chooses. Such discretion shall <br />be exercised by the Fire Chief, or in the absence of the latter or being unavailable <br />by call, then by such person as is reached by call through the use of the list as <br />provided in the paragraph numbered 1. herein. <br />4. Equipment and personnel at the site of the fire or disaster shall be under <br />the sole control and direction of the proper representative of the party hereto <br />furnishing such equipment and personnel and said proper representative shall have <br />an absolute discretionary right to remove such equipment and personnel from the <br />site aforesaid at any such time as he shall decide to do so. <br />5. Each of the parties if called for assistance outside of their District, <br />shall in the event that they connect any hoses to any fire plugs within any <br />municipality which shall fall within the District agree that they shall immediately <br />notify the municipal authorities of such action as of the time that they proceed <br />with the drawing of water. <br />&XHIBIT 1. <br />