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JAMES R. GIBSON <br />VILLAGE OF <br />Fresidenr <br />KEITH <br />ELEANOR G. TURNER <br />LEWIS <br />Clerk <br />Elk Grove VillageGEORGEGEORGECONEY <br />GC. <br />MULLEN <br />Treasurer <br />ZETTEK, JR, <br />EDWARD C. FIOFERT <br />666 Landmeier Rood <br />AtwrMy <br />Elk Grove Village, Illinois <br />RESOLUTION NO. 23-64 <br />A RESOLUTION COMMENDING AMPEX CORPORATION <br />WHEREAS, the Ampex Corporation of Elk Grove Village did <br />TRUST'S <br />FRANCIS J. <br />DILLON <br />EUGENE V. <br />KEITH <br />NALPH A. <br />LEWIS <br />IWSTON <br />D. MALONLK <br />GEORGE N. <br />MULLEN <br />CHARLES J. <br />ZETTEK, JR, <br />during the year 1964, aid the Village of Elk Grove Village by <br />setting up loud -speakers and tape recording equipment necessary <br />to reproduce the zoning hearings had by the Village on the <br />question of "Planned Unit Development in Elk Grove Village"; and <br />WHEREAS, said Ampex Corporation through its employees did <br />do a noteworthy job in reproducing said hearings on several <br />sound tapes, and did same at nominal cost to the Village; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board <br />of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of <br />Cook and DuPage, Illinois: <br />Section 1. That the Village of Elk Grove Village does here- <br />by commend Ampex Corporation, Elk Grove Village, for its many <br />cooperative efforts in setting up.loud speakers and tape recorders <br />so as to enable the Village to reproduce accurately the hearings <br />had before its Zoning Board on Planned Unit Development and did <br />do same at nominal cost. <br />Section 2. This resolution shall be in full force and effect <br />from and after its passage and approval according to law. <br />PASSED and APPROVED this 11th day of June, 1964 <br />President <br />ATTEST: <br />Vi age er <br />