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A&%,L3J'i' 6N AaMoPTING h4"4. &iV4U'LATIN Ni AND <br />%, AAL ilk, ll Ri�.%wLVI;;D b the Presidest eud <br />'a <br />Board of 'rustees of the Village of Uk Grove Village, Counties <br />of Cook and bnta;e, Illinois, that <br />That the &tushed bules and Retulationo <br />and Con a -ss if water and 3ower Servico be and are hereby <br />adapted as the Mules and Rogulatims of tho Village of Elk shove, <br />a "Thatthe dosi �mm�aaeted officer to obarbo of the <br />tater a of the Vilisae thanand is hereby riven <br />the rift to reftae water *ad sewer* serviee or to tormiaste <br />sane ones esta4bliskad, It any user thereof violates any of she <br />rules set forth as ett.aeked. <br />SmMiM 13... This resolttion shall be in fall tome and <br />offset fWas sifter its passage and approval aeeardint to law. <br />this <br />day <br />11;t"R"3z.O tbia y <br />Attest; <br />of duly, IA) <br />Of duly, 1)63 <br />sena <br />