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STAT! OF ILLINOIS <br />RESOLUTION FsJR DESIGNATION OF ARTERIAL STREETS <br />-'/-40-4 UNDER THE MOTOR FUEL TAX LAW <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the IM11M AND BOARD Or 21113� <br />(Coanoa or Fruideet and Bawd of Tnuteee) <br />of the vtr. of = aR=gn"02 County of sow Illinois, <br />(�i s� ', own or vutase) <br />that the following described streets be designated as Arterial Streets, subject to the approval of the Depart- <br />ment of Public Works and Buildings, State of Illinois. <br />Arterial <br />Street No. Name of Street From (Street) To (Street) <br />flNp1FHK 119At9 aorjKt)Tnu r•re rw" .. 5MAMOOD JAN <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the clerk is hereby directed to transmit two certified copies of this resolu- <br />tion to the Department of Public Works and Buildings, through its District Engineer. <br />APPROVED <br />19— <br />Department of Public Works <br />and Buildings <br />Division of Highways <br />Cplef filieway Enfflneer <br />(888{4—)OM-10-88) <br />I, <br />•, ;ci3tGA <br />V I I L'' GN in..f. <br />or <br />in and for the v, t.r✓ry t: .+f a"" US1%"Jb <br />(City. Town or VIDa4e) <br />hereby certify the foregoing to be a true, perfect and complete copy of a <br />resolution adopted by the M361DWIT AND tltift" OF TMTM <br />t a meeting on <br />Sfnonc!)�or P»afdent and Board of Trenteee) <br />IN TESTIUgXY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal <br />thio 7 ].y of A. D. -179 <br />f& .c_,(�f /t (• y _ C,i <br />[SEAL] <br />VM A02 U <br />Clerk. <br />(City. Tewn or vuhms) <br />form aL% Ni <br />