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We IL s..ZLUMOR TURMM t do hereby certify that <br />I am the <br />aoorporaftk duly mss y pander and by virtue of the laws of the State of 1LL1NO1 ' stem <br />and that I els �e C of 4"Wadelof said corporation; that at a meeting of the Board ofof sold coeptou on d1nd held in accordance with lavas on <br />the nth _ _ __ April „ A.D. l9 -!V— at which said meeting a majority and quorum <br />of the Board of fkj said on was present, the following Resolution was adopted by the affirmative vote <br />of a majority of the whole Board of of said Corporation, to -wit: <br />Be it Resolved by the Board of es TRUST. ES OF FLK GROVE. VILLAGE <br />That the DEB PLAINER NATIONAL BANE be and It l. hereby designated as officers of the depositaries of the funds of this Corporation, and that the ocers or <br />employees of said Corporation ax hereby authorized to endoree, in the name of this Corporation for the purpose of negotiating. cashing or payment, or deposit <br />and collection in and with said Bank, ebaka, drdta, nota, orders for the payment of money, end other like obligations, iesued or drawn to and owned by aid <br />Corporation, and it ie further resolved that endorsements for deposit and collection may he by the written or stsmped endorsement of the Corporation without <br />designation of the party, making the eadoreement: <br />That the officers o1 this corporation be, and they ax hereby authorized ir, eaavte for and on behalf of this corporation much documents m may be required by <br />the said Bank under which this eorpuratim, shall wdve ell mcourm to, and x].a any present or future stockholders of the said Bank from, any personal <br />liability for the repayment of any indebtedness of the add Bank to this corporation, imposed upon stockholders of the .aid Bank ender section d Article RI of <br />the Constitution of the state of Illinois and the statute of the State of 111inol. in such case made and provided. <br />That said Bank be and it I. hereby authorized to soy out the funds of this Corporation on deposit with It from time to time upon checks. drafts, or other orders <br />for the payment o1 money, drawn poor, said depositary and signed in the name of this Corporation by its <br />or_____ ___._—_ _ __ and <br />countsrelgned by its __VILLAGE CLERK :&X AND_ VILLAGE TREASURER <br />whether said checks are payable to Cash, Bearer, Des Plaine National Bank or the order of the Corporation, or to any third party, or to the order of any sign - <br />Ing or counter -signing officer of the Corporation or any other Corporation officer, in either their individual or official d.m ity, without further Inquiry or regard <br />to the authority of said of%.. (a) and/or other pared,o W, or the use o1 said checks. drafts and orders, or the proceed. thereof. <br /><. That the <br />or <br />or <br />of this Cr <br />rate of in <br />of the noted, <br />site. be and they att hereby authorized <br />t and upon such other terms and condi <br />delivering in the name and on behalf t <br />the name of this Corporation by the i <br />notes, bill. receivable, acceptances, a' <br />or hypothecate as security to said Bank <br />wnds, stock., bill. ressivable, accounts <br />:ns ass said officer or officers may deem expedient, and to evidence the indebtedness thereby created by <br />this Corporation promissory roomed. judgement Promieaory notes and other like obligations of this Corpora - <br />car or oMcem designated above; and said officer or officers ie or arc further authorized to discount with <br />other obligations issued to or owned by the said Corporation, and to endorse the same for much purpose; <br />or the payment of any of mid notes, and/or any other obligation. of this Corporation toid Bank, any <br />.N.ble, condition.) sales contracts, chattel mortgagee, warehouse receipts, and/or other .documents. ac- <br />count., secunties, and/or any other property now or nereafter belonging to this Corporation, and to execute and deliver any and all endorsements or instruments <br />of assignment or transfer, or chattel mortgages, trust deed., or red estate mortgages which may be necessary or proper in such ewes effectually to transfer to <br />the said Bank the property an hypothecated or delivered. <br />S. That the said Bank shall not be In any manner whatsoeyer, responsible for or rmuleed to see In the application of any of the funds of this Corporation deposited <br />with it, checked out or borrowed from it, or secured by the discount of nota and other obligation. to it m hereinbefore provided, and all such transactions shall <br />be conclusively presumed to be legally binding upon this Corporation. That the mid Bank may charge the account of the Corporation with the amount of service <br />charges that may be made by the bank in accordance with Its Fula and/or custom. <br />s. That the officer. of this corporation be, and they ax hereby authorized to execute for and on behalf of this Corporation, such signature cards or other dmu- <br />ments m maty be required by said Bank, relative to the Bank's right to refuse to honor checks drawn against the account of this corporation, and to reimbursing <br />the Bank. for cats, charges, fees, etc., incurred by the Bank u • result of litigation between this Corporation and others. wherein the Bank becomes involved in <br />any manner whatsoever, and relative to charging the account of this Corporation with service chargee in accordance with the rules and customs of said Bank: <br />and such other agreements as the Bank shall incorporate in said simnsture card or other document. <br />,, That ELEANOR TURNER' VILLAGE CLERKh<7�4XrXrif; of this Corporation, shall file with the said Bank a certified copy of this <br />resolution under the corporate mal of this Corporation, and shall also 81e wR them d Bank s certified list o1 the person, at the present time holding the of sag <br />In this Corporation, and it shall be conclusively presumed that the persona w xrtined as holding much offices continue respectively to hold the Same until the <br />mid Bank L otherwise notified in writing by the 8mcmdary of this Corporation. <br />8. That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect and binding upon this Corporation until it shall have been rescinded. and written notice of such estimated <br />under the corporate sed shall have bsen delivered he mid Bank. <br />And I do further certify that the above Resolution has not been in any wise altered, amended or rescinded and is <br />now in full force and effect. <br />I do further certify that the names and genuine signatures of the present officers of said Corporation are as fol- <br />lows and that the genuine signatures of those above authorized to sign for the Corporation appear on the accom- <br />g cards: <br />President V A CLERK <br />Treasurer <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and rate seal of said o ration, this <br />30th day of April A.D. 196 �� VILLAC CLERK <br />i 11 sC lfJfhlFaYiC <br />1, Eleanor G. Turner v 4 said Corporation, <br />do hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct copy of a resolution ed as therein set forth. <br />.cakkdasE <br />FORM 1pg- JOURNAL -10-07 RESOLUTION 17-63 <br />