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VILLAG1 Q? 6!A MOW Zt=AOL VC, 4ZZ GrROV1. <br />LIOM PAM16, <br />4'IAS# it is >autually advantageous to both the Vi1- <br />lage of Kik Grove Village and the ".,u Grove Lima Pais$ ino,$ <br />that equipment which to owned by the Villasâ–º, nausly a P <br />ton mer be ;need by the Elk , ions 'ark r Ine a tb =rainu- <br />a <br />their park ror public purpouese <br />MM# be it resolved by the President and <br />:3oard of 'trustees of the village of lak Or*" Villages Counties <br />of Cook: and !Wage, Zlliraois i <br />I* :sat the 1T111age Vresi4ont and ;lurk be and are <br />herby authOriaed to sigra On behalf of the Village the attaeh*d <br />agreament and lease with the E11L Or©ve Lion Park, Into <br />29 't'liat this resolution z1all be in fall force and <br />+effect rrrm the after its passage and approval, according to <br />law. <br />PASSS ; a th.a / day or July, 1962, <br />Ai2`r4OMD thia : day of July, rJ62r <br />Attest: <br />vxuags Clem <br />