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STATE OF ILLINOIS <br />RESOLUTION FOR MAINTENANCE OF ARTERIAL STREETS OR STATE HIGHWAYS <br />ab- 6 v BY MUNICIPALITY UNDER THE ILLINOIS HIGHWAY CODE. <br />BE IT RESOLVED, by <br />sum of <br />the <br />Illinois, that there is hereby appropriated the <br />(\arne) <br />Motor Fuel Tax funds for the purpose of maintaining under the Illinois Highway Code, <br />the following described arterial streets or State Highways, from January 1, 19ā€”&Zā€” to December 31, 1943. <br />Arterial PORTION TO BE MAINTAINED <br />Street or STREET --- <br />Route From (Street) To (Street) <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clerk shall, as soon as practicable after the close of the period as given above, <br />submit to the Department of Public Works and Buildings, Division of Highways, on forms furnished by said Department, a cer- <br />tified statement showing expenditures from and balances remaining in this appropriation; and, <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clerk shall immediately transmit two certified copies of this resolution to the <br />Department of Public Works and Buildings, Division of Highways, through its district office at <br />Illinois. <br />APPROVED <br />, 19 <br />Dept. of Public work. and Building. <br />Division of Highways <br />Chief Highway Engineer <br />Mr. <br />I, Miss <br />Mrs. <br />in and for the - <br />(City, Town, or Village) <br />(City, Town, or Village) <br />County of hereby certify the forego- <br />ing to be a true, perfect and complete copy of a resolution adopted by the <br />a meeting on <br />(Councilor President and Board of Trustees) <br />, 19 . <br />IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this <br />[SEAL] <br />A.D. 19 <br />(26868-10M-11-60) z (City. Town, or Village) <br />Form BLR 361 (Rev. 11.60) <br />