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RESOLUTION NO. 27-61 <br />A RESOLUTION COMMENDING JOHN A MERGENS FOR SERVICES RENDERED <br />TO THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE AS FIRE CHIEF <br />WHEREAS, John A. Mergens was duly appointed Fire Chief of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village on February 18, 1960 as its <br />first Fire Chief, and will serve and has served from that <br />date until December 31, 1961, and <br />WHEREAS, the services performed by John A. Mergens as Fire <br />Chief have been capably performed and with a sincere devotion <br />to duty, and <br />WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper that the Village of Elk Grove <br />Village commend said John A. Mergens for his services to the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village ELs Fire Chief, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of <br />Trustees of the Village of Ell: Grove Village, Cook County, <br />Illinois: <br />Section 1. That John A. Mergens be and is hereby commended <br />by the Village of Elk Grove Village for the capable performance <br />of his duties as its Fire Chief from February 18, 1960 to <br />December 31, 1961, and for his devoted and outstanding service <br />to the Village in the performance of his duties. <br />Section 2. That this resolution shall be in full force and <br />effect from and after its passage and approval according to <br />law. <br />PASSED this 26th day of December, 1961. <br />APPROVED this 27th day of December, 1961. <br />s/ James R. Gibson <br />President <br />Attest: <br />s4 Eleanor G. Turner <br />Village uler <br />Res. #r27-61 <br />h.. <br />