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RESOLUTION N0. 4-60 <br />RESOLUTION FOR DESIGNATION OF ARTERIAL STREETS UNDER <br />THE MOTOR FUEL TAX 1AW OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE <br />VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE, COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS: <br />SECTION 1 That the following described streets be designated <br />as Arterial Streets, subject to the approval of the Department of Public <br />Works and Buildings, State of Illinois: <br />Arterial <br />Street # Name of Street <br />1 Wildwood Road <br />2 Crest Avenue <br />3 Ridgewood Road <br />4 Ridge Avenue <br />5 East Elk Grove Blvd. <br />6 <br />Charing Cross Road <br />7 <br />Tower Lane <br />8 <br />Laurel Street <br />9 <br />Crest Avenue <br />1s <br />Clearmount Drive <br />11 <br />Walnut Lane <br />12 <br />Aspen Lane <br />13 <br />Victoria Lane <br />14 <br />Carswell Avenue <br />15 <br />Cedar Lane <br />16 <br />Maple Lane <br />17 <br />Love Street <br />18 <br />Cosman Road <br />19 <br />Pratt Boulevard <br />20 <br />Lunt Avenue <br />21 <br />Nicholas Boulevard <br />22 <br />Greenleaf Avenue <br />23 <br />Old Busse Road <br />24 <br />Woodcrest Lane <br />From Street <br />Landmeier Road <br />Landmeier Read <br />Wildwood Road <br />Devon Avenue <br />Tonne Road <br />E. Elk Grove Bd. <br />E. Elk Grove Bd. <br />Charing Cross Rd. <br />E. Elk Grove Bd. <br />Ridge Avenue <br />Ridge Avenue <br />Walnut Lane <br />E. Elk Grove Bd. <br />Clearmount Drive <br />Clearmount Drive <br />To Street <br />Higgins Road <br />Wildwood Road <br />Higgins Road <br />Landmeier hoad <br />Arlington Hts. Road <br />Ridge Avenue <br />Ridge Avenue <br />Tonne Road <br />Laurel Street <br />Tonne Road <br />Tonne Road <br />Clearmount Drive <br />Carswell Avenue <br />Cedar Lane <br />Victoria Lane <br />Victoria Lane Walnut Lane <br />Maple Lane Laurel Street <br />Arlington Hts. Rd.Bisner Road <br />Busse Road Elmhurst Road <br />Busse Road Elmhurst Road <br />Pratt Boulevard <br />Busse Road <br />Greenleaf Avenue <br />Crest Avenue <br />Greenleaf Avenin <br />Nicholas Boulevard <br />Landmeier Road <br />Wildwood Road <br />SECTION 2 that the Acting Village Clerk is hereby directed <br />to transmit two certified copies of this resolution to the Department of <br />Public Works and Buildings, through its District Office at Chicago, <br />Illinois. <br />SECTION 3 that this resolution shall take effect and be in <br />full force and effect from and after its adoption and approval. <br />ADOPTED this 25th day of April, 1960 <br />APPROVED this day of , 1960 <br />ATTEST: <br />Dolores L. Oberg <br />Acting Village Clerk <br />Charles A. Hodlmair, President <br />#4-60 <br />