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llesol^.xtitiza k�ea._,�'S�,u_ <br /> 1>tLeYOLIJTRffi.)M ra--c'-asv7 „L1Z <br /> part of Viche3h..0 yca lecasel 73SSS3 <br /> tc5ethlr With io•{a�y�r,�r.*Yi:;.".T} <br /> ihz2eom. <br /> +�. rte„.CX.'^+Cd u l�Ji.'C,wc.l'i' C° ;�`...` [S'u""i?J•toa� tI-La v.Fk(.��,i;1&}C °$ <br /> for tlna'. Villa;;I 'III, Crr>ve 'E M-ktga 'x :a iadbi�dttei Ulair sport fat::; <br /> I-,Bc r.,jr.r.'aSDdation wit"1 W"B-'-pect to t^ha &A' Fi..,att S'' oulC"4✓aT3ir, <br /> part of Nic:h*ks iazclvdirg ste_?xaaa drai�mga-,, <br /> curb and gutter an! pavernee »t; and, <br /> f IEI�f ;S, i,a and by saa'id U–ta a g"-Ift;ero htor <br /> ,advioed the VIII& a Viet, s3aiO ji:1bl;c inapvova rr:aza s i --, been <br /> oern,plated in full Ckn.P.il3l%aanc:y ','SiiI2 'thl z ,/lzzo^_:d hereto <br /> fore approved by this tdall'ai;'c B-exd s:.nal rd,^sr-is es azd that tls.a "Pillage <br /> aacels'i said etzects and, the p-Y,-)Hc Lad to mnliltain said <br /> streets in the f:ia'acare; <br /> NOIU, T H1;:1'.l..E'ORE, BIL IT RIFfiO LVED 'by the ]F'reFidezet and <br /> Board of Trtwtees cf tb trills ; ; of ' I], Cmc vc Villa: ze, as: follows: <br /> SECTION 1. The. tha Villa.g;e cf Ell' G--ova Village: by its <br /> President and Berard of Tre:.ste*c a harobi ecce.,pts Pratt Boulevard fro-m <br /> Route 83 3o Yo-.1'L Rend; I'dichelzn Liezal ,rat,sce ' orn Prett Taovl,evard <br /> North to the railroad; with the €mproveanarata <br /> thereon comsiztIz g of etorm. ;1 ainage, curb and grsctcr„ paav--.want base <br /> 4ind eur�far�P all cvi'thiaa th3 @fillstg4 of EUr Ga eve! Village, and agree to <br /> said ;!trouts and thlY `e eiu. <br /> SECTION 2. That tlai3 aYc'a ti,5%co iz prc,cri.cated aa�sm tlae 3eposit <br /> .. t i the Village, bye �:e.ates Cw.L zztymatinn Cams'.'an , Inc. , of a written <br /> ^Sy%numutee aagaDinot wh^ ultya wt3 o°7:Li',"!?a sh'aip 8"-Iz exclusive of the <br /> ordinary weer ar--3 te-a'o for 0, lk.iic: C'f cme ;1p year. <br /> SECT!01^7 5. That this ,esolxt:era olzallba la full force and <br /> effect ferthwithup'-'_•a its a-' ria`.icn. a;ac; accoedirg to Im. <br /> ADOPT 9 ED: thiA 13tkz�ft;r of� _ it o A.D. 1959. <br /> APPROVED: this 13t1i 6a.Y of A.D. 1959. <br /> -*reaiz%2szt <br /> ATTEST: <br /> Margaret C. Petrie <br /> Village Cleric �� <br />