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CERTIFICATE OF PUBLICATION <br /> PADDOCK PUBLICATIONS, INC. <br /> A Corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of <br /> the State of Illinois, DOES HEREBY CERTIFY That it is the publisher of <br /> iL.a 4&t"Lw 9.t{c.CO,4(!e WwTw �I�Gea Gell <br /> That saia secular <br /> newspaper in the Village ofi <br /> County of Cook <br /> and State of Illinois, continuously for more than six months prior to,on and <br /> since the date of the first publication of the notice hereinafter referred to <br /> and is of general circulation throughout said Village, County and State. <br /> That a notice, of which the annexed printed slip is a true copy, <br /> ,�was <br /> � pub- <br /> lished in saiaf i � +�'1.ii &zr'4 r`on the <br /> day A. D. 19�, <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREO , the undersigned, the said PADDOCK PUBLI- <br /> CATIONS, INC., has caused this certificate to be signed and its corporate <br /> seal affixed 'hereto, by FRANCIS E. STIFS, its Secretary, at Arlington <br /> Heights, Illinois, this `moo TA day of . D. 19ST/ <br /> PAD/DOOCK PUBLICA,�TIIO7N-S,, INC. <br /> B, • S �.secretary. <br />