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service changes, no modification, addition, deletion, revision, alteration or other change to this <br /> Agreement shall be effective unless and until such changes are reduced to writing and executed by the <br /> authorized representatives of parties hereto. Minor changes to semi-scheduled transportation services, <br /> including times and days, are permitted subject to prior written notice being provided to the Village <br /> regarding the service changes to be undertaken. <br /> 6. TERMINATION-This contract can be terminated upon thirty(30)calendar days written notice by Pace, <br /> if: 1) sufficient funds have not been appropriated to cover the estimated requirements by Pace or by <br /> any other agency funding the service;2)Pace develops alternative public transportation services which, <br /> as determined by Pace will better meet the transportation needs of the public;or,3)the Village fails to <br /> make payments as required by Section 4 of this agreement. <br /> 7. FAILURE TO PERFORM - Pace will not be responsible for any failure on the part of the Contractor to <br /> provide service due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Contractor or Pace. Pace <br /> shall make every reasonable effort to have service restored as soon as practical under the <br /> circumstances. No fees will be charged for service not performed. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be made effective and <br /> executed as of the date first set forth above by their duly authorized officials. <br /> SUBURBAN BUS DIVISION OF THE REGIONAL.TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY <br /> PACE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE <br /> By: By: Craig B. Johnson <br /> Thomas J. Ross, Executive Director Craig Johnson, Mayor <br /> Date: Date: December 13, 2005 <br /> Attest: Attest: Ansi I. Walsh <br /> Date: Date: December 13, 2005 <br /> 2006 LSA Page 2 Village of Elk Grove <br />