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Of TfdI15�OfOf1 <br />Local Agency Agreement <br />for Federal Participation <br />Local Agency <br />Village of Elk Grove Village <br />Section <br />05 -00045 -02 -PV <br />State Contract <br />Day Labor <br />Local Contract <br />X <br />RR Force Account <br />Fund Type <br />STU <br />ITEP Number <br />Construction <br />I Engin edn <br />Ri ht-of-Wa <br />Job Number Project Number Job Number <br />Project Number <br />Job Number <br />Pro)ect Number <br />R 90-004-06 <br />M-8003-547 <br />This Agreement is made and entered into between the above local agency hereinafter referred to as the "LA" and the state of Illinois, acting <br />by and through its Department of Transportation, hereinafter referred to as "STATE". The STATE and LA jointly propose to improve the <br />designated location as described below. The improvement shall be constructed in accordance with plans approved by the STATE and the <br />STATE's policies and procedures approved and/or required by the Federal Highway Administration hereinafter referred to as "FHWA". <br />Location <br />Local Name Lively Boulevard -Devon Avenue to Touhy Avenue Route <br />Termini Devon Avenue (FAU 1346) to Touhy Avenue <br />Current Jurisdiction <br />Loral <br />All right-of-way land acquisition for the project. <br />Type of Work <br />Participating Construction <br />Non-Pardctpating Construction <br />Preliminary Engineering <br />Construction Engineering <br />Right of Way <br />Railroads <br />Utilities <br />TOTAL <br />Project Description <br />Division of Cost <br />Length 1.1 MI. <br />Existing Str. No <br />FHWA % STATE % LA % Total <br />85,000 ( ) 0 ( 0 ) 85,000 ( Bal ) 170,000 <br />$ 85,000 <br />$ 85,000 $ 170,000 <br />NOTE: The costs shown in the Division of Cost table are approximate and subject to change. The final LA share is dependent on the final Federal and <br />State participation. The actual costs will be used In the final division of cost for billing and reimbumment. <br />If funding is not a percentage of the total, place an asterisk in the space provided for the percentage and explain above. <br />The Federal share of construction engineering may not exceed 15% of the Federal share of the final construction cost. <br />Maximum Federal participation 50% not to exceed $85,000. <br />By execution of this Agreement, the LA is indicating sufficient funds have been set aside to cover the local share of the project cost and <br />additional funds will be appropriated, if required, to cover the LA's total cost. <br />Method of Financing (State Contract Work) <br />METHOD A—Lump Sum (95% of LA Obligation) <br />METHOD B— Monthly Payments of <br />METHOD C—LA's Share divided by estimated total cost multiplied by actual progress payment. <br />(See page two for details of the above methods and the financing of Day Labor and Local Contracts) <br />Page 1 of 4 BLR 05310 (Rev. 8/05) <br />Printed on 1!11!2006 ISO BLRF-821-004 <br />